Inflex Thermal

Pre-insulated PE pipe

Inflex Thermal

Better insulation and protection.

The internal pipe is made of PE100 according to EN 12201:2003.

EPE foam is a superior insulating, extremely flexible and long-term age-resistant material. Thermal conductivity of insulation: λ = 0.038 W/mK at 40°C. The closed cell structure protects against ingress of moisture, has an extremely low absorption of < 1% (water-vapour diffusion resistance μ>3,500). The insulation is elastic and returns to its original shape after being subjected to mechanical load. Produced without (H) CFC.

The corrugated outer pipe protects the inner parts against mechanical damage. It is made of HDPE.
Mechanical strength: 500N (EN 61386-24). Impact resistance: 2.0 kg/100mm

Dimensions: 32mm, 40mm, 45mm, 50mm, 63mm, 75mm 90mm, 110mm 125mm.
Lengths: 6m, 50m and 100m.
Pressure classes: PN10 SDR17 and PN16 SDR11.
Material: PE100.

Length is suitable for optimal transport and easy installation.

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