Casing cap Composite

Prevents surface water leakage and Artesian water.

Casing cap Composite

Hardened composite plastic with synthetic compression rubber and galvanized screws.

Available in several dimensions and models.
All single- wound collectors (2x) contain an extra hole for the diversion of artesian water, sounding or refilling. The extra hole is opened by turning the rubber seal.

The casing pipe cap is mounted on the feed tube to prevent surface water leakage and artesian water.
Seals against casing and collector tube when the gasket expands on tightening of the 4 bolts.

Dimensions: Ø 139.7mm and Ø 168.3mm.
Models Ø 139.7mm: 4x32mm, 2x40mm, 2x45mm and 2x50mm.
Models Ø 168.3 mm: 4x32mm, 2x40mm, 4x40mm, 2x50mm and 4x50mm.
Rubber thickness: 25mm

Geoenergy / Casing pipes and casing caps


45mm from ground to heat pump.