PE pipe

Pressure pipe PE100

PE pipe

Polyethylene pressure pipes are used for transporting liquids. E.g. pressurised water, process water, wastewater spills and stormwater.
MuoviTech manufactures only in PE100, a material with better properties than older, developed materials such as PE80.

Corrosion resistance
Good hydraulic properties
Can withstand large deformations without breakage with very good impact resistance
Long life
Fixed joints
Light weight

Dimensions: 16-225mm
Pressure classes: PN10 SDR17 and PN16 SDR11
Material: PE100 and PE100RC
Stripe: Blue for drinking water and Brown for waste.

Length is designed for optimal transport and easy installation.

The pipes are produced according to INSTA SBC 12201 EN 12201:2003, certificate 5029.

Geoenergy / PE pipes and pre-insulated pipes