Kilfrost GEO

Transfer fluid with higher performance.

Kilfrost GEO

The higher efficiency, non-toxic alternative to MEG and MPG for closed loop ground and water source heat pumps.

Key Features Kilfrost GEO
• Higher performance non-toxic heat transfer fluid.
• Outperforms MEG, MPG, Bio-PDO and ethanol based heat transfer fluids.
• Delivers lower system pressure drop and lower pumping costs.
• Superior environmental profile.
• Free from nitrates, nitrites, borates, heavy metals and phosphates.
• Created to improve MIS 3005 Compliant Collector Design.
• Optimum operating temperature range -25°C to +25°C.

Kilfrost GEO is a fluid engineered to increase both the performance and safety of closed loop ground and water source heat pumps. Systems using Kilfrost GEO will benefit from lower pressure drops, reducing pumping energy and costs, giving a higher overall efficiency. It will outperform both Mono Ethylene Glycol (MEG) and ethanol based fluids, with an enhanced safety and sustainability profile.

When replacing other more viscous fluids such as Mono Propylene Glycol (MPG) or glycerol in existing systems, customers will benefit from immediate system performance leading to long term energy savings.

Concentrations: Available both as concentrated and as pre-mixed.
Packaging: Can 20l, Barrel 215l, IBC 1000l and Bulk transport.

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