Seminar in Slovenia

MuoviTech impresses with 30 energy engineers.

Seminar in Slovenia

Adib Kalantar and Kim Johansson from MuoviTech showed the factors that affect the performance of an energy borehole. The meeting participants were impressed by the high level of knowledge and they can now count on how to influence the borehole resistance.

Letter of thanks from Atlas who held the event:

Dear all,
Thank you for helping us create the seminar for designers and according to feedback from the participants the content was delivered at such a high level, which they usually do not expect from similar events.

Without Adib and Kim we could never achieve this and we can say that 30 engineers in Slovenia today understand the importance of Turbulent flow and know how to achieve it. We had some very influential designers at the event who probably understand better how a small difference in the geothermal collector with practically no extra cost makes a significant impact on Rb.

Best regards

Yasin Jodeh
Atlas Trading d.o.o.


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