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Geoenergy in brief

Geothermal energy is an umbrella term for various methods of extraction of energy and storage of energy, to be utilized for heating and cooling. Geothermal energy can be utilized in virtually any area of the world. Geoenergy is predominantly derived from one of three methods, consisting of, vertical boring, lake or pond structures and horizontal fields (directional boring).


Commercial and residential applications for almost any structure in any setting. A geothermal system, also known as a Ground Source Heat Exchanger (GSHEX), involves a series of looped pipes installed below ground. The specific configuration is determined by site and geological conditions. The pipes have a heat-absorbing/transfer fluid running through the system constantly. In the summer, the geothermal system removes the heat from the conditioned structure (house,building) and pushes it through an exchanger then downward into the pipes to be cooled by the Earth's geology. In the winter, the process is reversed: the heat from the ground is extracted and pushed upward by the pipes, passed through the exchanger and then to circulate in the house via Water to Refrigerant equioment, Water to Water or VRV technologies. With the right design and the right components, annualy you can save 40-75% over taditional HVAC platforms.

Did you know

... Federal Income Tax Credit Amount and Maximum Cap: A business can claim a tax credit equal to 10% of its spending on eligible geothermal system property. The tax credit can be used to offset both regular income taxes and alternative minimum taxes (AMT). If the tax credit exceeds the income tax liability, the loss can be carried back one taxable year and any remaining balance can be carried forward into future years. Accelerated Depreciation: Ground Source Heat Exchange Systems (GSHEX) can use the Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS) deduction to offset the initial installation costs for both the interior equipment and the exterior well field. If the system is installed prior to 12/31/2012, the entire sum can be taken the first year, otherwise 50% may be taken on year one and the remainder over the next 4 years. All GSHEX systems are eligible starting on 10/03/2008 through 12/31/2016.
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