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Does Muovitech only sell Geothermal pipe?
No we make a variety of products for the Geothermal/Geoexchange industry as well as distribute many other products for your project.

Where does Muovitech buy pipe from?
Muovitech manufactures their own pipe right here in Nashville, TN. Muovitech also has several factories throughout the world, all with their own manufacturing capabilities

Is Muovitech a new company? How many projects have they done?
No, Muovitech was founded in 2002 by the Ojala family, in Boras Sweden. Muovitech has over 250,000 GSHEX’s in the ground throughout the world.

What Type of resin does Muovitech use for production?
Muovitech uses 4710 HDPE for all Geothermal and Water pipe production. It has a higher pressure rating than its predecessor 3408. Muovitech does not use regrind resin, only virgin HDPE.

Is Muovitech’s pipe certified?
Yes, Muovitech’s pipe is certified by NSF under the following designations. ASTM Geo Pipe, ASTM Water pipe, AWWA and CWWA (For distribution in Canada). ASTM D-3035, ANSI Std. 14

What does a Manifold Chamber do?
A Manifold chamber is like a mini vault, with the difference being, aside from size, every GSHEX is individually controlled by circuit setting valves.

Does using a circuit setting valve change the flow characteristics of the design over a traditional reverse return system?
Yes, in a good way, as all of the balancing is being done at the point of insertion. When you use reverse return design, it has to be balanced by changing the pipe size to make sure that even flow is going to each bore. As you go down in size of the pipe, you are trying to get the same flow rate to the subsequent bores as you have in the previous larger pipe bores. With a Manifold chamber you are doing the same thing, just at the point of flow to each well. By using the Manifold chamber home run setup, you are guaranteed to be able to have the exact flow rate to every well and verify every wells performance. Each circuit setting valve comes with 2 P/T ports to verify, flow rate, pressure and temperature to each bore. In a reverse return design, any miscalculation, added length, or other non-conforming change to design or obstruction will result in “dead-heading a well. As water follows the path of least resistance, any obstruction will cause the water flow to cease to the bore.

Muovitech claims to save a minimum of 30% of the installation cost over a traditional reverse return design. How is this accomplished?
In a nutshell, the cost is reduced on the labor as there are far less fusion joints, less pipe fittings and overall, less excavation required. For more information and a detailed analysis, please visit

Muovitech claims that by using this system, job completion time is increased by more than 40%?
This is correct. Aside from the time it takes to bore the field, Horizontal piping or “tie-in” time is reduced due to less fusion joints, less equipment staging/storage and less testing time.

What about the cost of materials?
The cost of materials for a manifold chamber system vs. reverse return is about 20% less in most cases, if not more. Manifolds are a very cost effective measure against traditional vaults.

How does designing with the Manifold system differ from the reverse return design?
The design parameters are the same, however you will spend less time putting together a material list as there are only 4 line items to call out.
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