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Our Customer needs guide the development of our products and innovations
Product development, high technical expertise and customer focus permeates all activities. Muovitech participates as an active partner in several national and international research and development projects.

Muovitech was first in the industry to certify their entire GSHEX system by P-labeling by SP, Technical Research and ASTM standards . The products are approved and SKZ certified to meet the EU's and USA's strict quality standards, as well as strict adherance to ASTM and NSF certiifications in the USA. Even the production systems in the factories are certified.
P-mark is the SP Group's own quality mark found on a multiple products and services. The label means that in addition legal and regulatory requirements, it also meets the high standards the market demands. P-mark also means that the product or service is type tested and the manufacturer or exporter self monitored by SP. For some products and services it also means that installation and assembly is controlled.

P-mark is a guide to excellent quality, for your sake.
P SC1106-11 SE
P SC0787-17 FI
P SC0788-17 NO
Produced according to INSTA SBC 12201 EN 12201:2011.
5029 SE
5066 FI
5159 NO
SKZ A 759.
Standard 14- Plastics piping system components and related materials.
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