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Geothermal supplier
MuoviTech is the European leader in products for geothermal energy, with own factories in US, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Netherlands, UK & Norway. Complete supplier of loops, manifold chambers, stick pipes, casing pipes, valves, fittings, and everything needed for installation until a heat pump / cooler.
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GEOFLUID 3-6 Oktober
Vi er på plass i Piacenza, Italia.
IGSHPA Research Track 2018
Internationell konferens för utveckling av geoenergi den 18-20 september.
Vi ses på Geoenergidagen
3-4 oktober på Scandic Talk, Älvsjö.

Helical fin design

TurboCollector ® is a patented helical fin advanced development design, over the traditional GSHEX (with flat/smooth interior bore) and has a proven better heat transfer rate.

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Contact Us MuoviTech US 1111 Foster Avenue, Nashville, TN 37210, U.S. Phone +1 (615) 401 9142
Muovitech Group is the European leader of products for geothermal energy. Our innovative products for heating and cooling contributes to a better climate on Earth and reduction of carbon emissions. We develop and manufacture installation products for geothermal energy in our own factories. GSHEX's and all acccesssories for installers and drillers who drill for geothermal heating and cooling. We also have GSHEX's for contractors who work with geothermal energy savings etc.. Complete supplier of accessories such as manifold chambers, distribution pipes, casing pipes, valves, fittings, and everything needed for installation until a heat pump, alt. cooler.
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